Construction Phase Fire Risk Assessment

Programme Outline


To provide an overview of how to manage fire risk on construction sites safely, effectively and efficiently


By the end of the course attendees will be able to :

  • Outline the moral, legal and financial reasons for fire risk management
  • List the legislation, regulations, codes of practise and guidance for fire safety on construction sites
  • Demonstrate underpinning knowledge of the fire risk assessment process by:
  • Outlining what combustion is and explain how a fire starts and develops.
  • List the common sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen on a construction site
  • List the common causes of fire on a construction site
  • Outlining the principles of prevention /hierarchy of control measures
  • List the key control measures to prevent a fire
  • List the key fire protection measures
  • Complete a fire risk assessment for a normal risk-rated construction site using the RCS FRA template..